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Hi! I'm Katie.

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I write things for businesses, publications, and people. 

CONTENT CREATOR: I develop content strategy and create content for companies and nonprofits including LearnVest, SoFi, SHE Globl Media, Centsai, kNOw THEM Initiative, and Global Citizens Travel. If you're for content creation, editing, or content marketing services, learn more here or drop me a line at katiewsimon@gmail.com.

FREELANCE WRITER: I have six years of freelance experience writing for outlets like Business Insider, FOX News, Lifehacker, Health.com, Refinery29, Bust.com and The Independent. I write about personal finance, career, social justice, health, and travel. You can find my clips here.

CAREER CONSULTANT: If you're here for my popular Resume Rehab service, you can learn more and sign up here. To inquire about on-site career workshops at your university, email me at katiewsimon@gmail.com

I'm based in Boston, MA, but travel regularly. I've visited 80+ countries and survived the bubonic plague (not kidding). My career peaked when I wrote this article on what Harry Potter can teach us about personal finance.



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