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Personalized resume and cover letters for your job search.

My resume used to be really, really bad. In fact, it kept me from getting my dream job.

I’m not just saying that—I know it did, because sometimes I re-applied twice to the same company (for the same position!) after only a few weeks. When I made changes to my resume and tailored my cover letters to every application, I was invited in for interviews—by the same companies that rejected me just weeks earlier.

I was the same, but my application was better. And I got better results.

In fact, I got great results. I actually got compliments from HR departments and recruiters. And of course, I got those interviews.

Companies like Google, Ebay, Spotify, Venmo, and General Assembly (and dozens more) offered me interviews, several of which led to competitive offers.

When I was in the middle of rehabbing my resume and cover letter, I can’t tell you how much I appreciated having a fresh pair of eyes to look them over. There were sooo many how-could-I-miss-that moments. Having a bit of help made a huge difference.

Resume Rehab + Cover Letter Overhaul will be perfect for you if…

  • You’ve applied to dozens of jobs and aren’t getting interviews.
  • You’re self-diagnosed “bad at self-promoting.”
  • You feel stuck.
  • You can’t figure out how to get your awesomeness to show up in a PDF.

This might not be for you if…

  • You’re rolling in job interviews, hear back from every company you apply at, and your job search is going perfectly!

A clear, customized resume targeted to your exact dream job. 

How it works:

1. You fill out an easy info-gathering questionnaire so I can learn more about your experiences, target jobs, and struggles.
2. I review your resume, target job descriptions, and questionnaire, and hone in on the exact changes that will make the biggest impact.
3. Six to eight specific-to-you recommendations will arrive in your inbox within one week so you can start applying to jobs whenever you please.
4. Plus, I’ll include a simple, jargon-free breakdown of my recommendations—so you can easily apply them to future resume updates.
5. One week of follow-up email support so you can ask any remaining questions.

This isn’t generic advice or a form resume crammed with your details. These are expert recommendations that perfectly highlight the exact requirements listed in your dream job descriptions.

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A personalized cover letter that captures your professional story for job applications. 

How it works:

1. I review your current cover letter, resume questionnaire, overhauled resume, and target job descriptions, and pinpoint the key changes that will compel a hiring manager to interview you.
2. A fully sculpted and ready-to-send cover letter will arrive in your inbox within one week.
3. Plus, I’ll send you drop-in content, sentence “formulas”, and an outline for the perfect cover letter so you can apply this structure to future cover letters.
4. One week of follow-up email support so you can ask any further questions.

This isn’t a lifeless, one-size-fits-all letter. This is a just-for-you, hyper-individualized message that appeals to the exact recruiters you want to hear from.

* For clients who also sign up for Resume Rehab.

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An email version of your cover letter for applications that only require a resume + email message.  

How it works:

1. I review your cover letter and target job descriptions to identify what information to include in your email message.
2. A concise, ready-to-send email version of your cover letter—for applications that only require a resume and an email message—will arrive in your inbox within three days.
3. One week of follow-up email support so you can ask any clarifying questions.
4. Plus, I’ll send you the skeleton of the perfect email message for job applications so you can tailor this message for future applications.

* For clients who also sign up for Cover Letter Overhaul.

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